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Crazy-Good Crab Cakes!

I think it's so cool how certain foods just bring back warm memories from the past. Your Mom's Cornbread Dressing...your Grandmother's Cherry Pie....your favorite dessert from childhood...or in this case, some absolutely amazing crab cakes.

I'm in a descriptive mood, so here we go...It was summertime a few years ago, and a warm breeze floated across the shimmering ocean and over the sand...eventually finding its way to me where it danced through my hair. It was a perfectly serene evening at the beach...If I close my eyes, I can smell the salt in the air and feel the sand between my toes at this very minute. The beautiful sounds of a live band wafted out of the restaurant and into my ears, and I browsed through an eclectic store just across the street while we waited for our table. Brightly colored, unique gifts filled the store...things that just scream "BEACH!" A funky, hand-painted kitchen table and chairs, a crazy wire statue, a zebra print ottoman.

Where am I? At probably the most fun and unique restaurant in Florida....The Red Bar in Grayton Beach. I love that place! They are known for many things, but I'm convinced that their crab cakes top them all!

When Brad bit into these "Crazy-Good Crab Cakes" a few nights ago, he immediately said, "Wow...these are just like the crab cakes from The Red Bar!" You can imagine my excitement when he compared my crab cakes to those of The Red Bar! Haha. He was right...everything from the crab meat to the filling was perfect. In fact, they were so flavorful, that we didn't even add any sauce! It was one of those meals that I didn't want to end! And best of all, they were a cinch to make!

I pondered about what to name these crab cakes. I mean, I couldn't just give them a boring name like "Crab Cakes". They deserve a more interesting name! Amazing...The Absolute Best...Deliciously Perfect....all of the above could have been

If you like crab, you should definitely give these a'll end up with a full belly and a big smile!

Bon Appetit, my friends!

Crazy-Good Crab Cakes
Adapted from:  Culinary Reserve Premium Hand-Picked Crab Meat packaging

1 lb. Lump Crab Meat 
2 Slices White Bread, crumbled, crust removed (I processed mine in a food processor)
1 Egg, beaten
2 tbsp. Mayo
1 tsp Seafood Seasoning (such as Old Bay Seasoning)
1 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1 tsp. Dijon Mustard
1 tbsp. Dried Parley Flakes (I used freshly chopped cilantro, instead)
2 tsp. lemon juice
Extra virgin olive oil or butter (for sauteing)
Combine all ingredients except the crab meat in a bowl. Gently fold in crab meat and chill for one hour before forming into three ounce cakes.

Drizzle 1 tbsp of olive oil or butter in the bottom of a medium skillet.  Saute the crab cakes over medium heat for 2-3 minutes per side, adding more olive oil or butter as needed.


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These look amazing - all those pieces of crab are making my mouth water! Great recipe and great post!!
Sophie said…
Yum! The crispy outside and savory ingredients look and sound delish. I'd love to take these on a beach picnic :)!
Disneypal said…
I love crab cakes - these look easy but delicious !! Can't wait to try them.
If they are anything like the Red Bar... then they are my favorite.
I have renamed them~ Celeste's Crab Cakes!
Jane said…
My mom wants to make this recipe, but we have a question-- what is the difference between a tsb. and a tsp.? Do they both refer to a teaspoon? If so, why the different abbreviations? Just curious, as we have never seen the abbreviation tsb., and we can't find it in any of our cookbooks. thanks!
Celeste said…
Hi Jane! I apologize for the typo! are correct. "Tsb." should be teaspoon (tsp)...I've corrected the post. Thanks for catching that! I'd love to hear how you like this recipe! -Celeste
emilie said…
hi Celeste! I am making crab cakes for Christmas dinner appetizers and this is the recipe I am going to try bc my whole family LOVES the red bar! 2 questions: did you toast the white bread and then crumble it? and what brand seafood seasoning did you use? I've seen other recipes call for Old Bay, but since you said yours turned out great, I want to copy you exactly!! lol!
Jackie said…

What type of fat and what type of pan did you use to saute the crabcakes in.
Jackie said…
Hi Celeste

How much Cilantro did you use in this recipe.
We love Red Bar and wish that we could be there right this very second so what more perfect meal to make for Valentine's Day but their crab cakes....I just have one question and I am so hoping to get an answer in time but if I remember right they also drizzle a dressing or something over them or maybe we dipped....not sure but I remember loving it. Do you know what it was?
Thanks so much!
Celeste said…
Hi Carletta! I'm excited to hear that you'll be making these for Valentine's Day...I think you'll love this recipe! I honestly can't remember what type of sauce these were served with at The Red Bar. A nice Remoulade would be great...Let me know how they turn out!
Marilee said…
I'm a California girl. What is seafood seasoning? Old Bay?
Celeste said…
Hi Marilee! Thanks for your question. Yes...Old Bay should be perfect. In fact, I'm going to update the ingredients list to specify. Thanks again!
Kiki said…
From a maryland girl who loves her crabcakes, I have to say that is a great recipe. I have also tried substituting bread crumbs with panko crumbs. I find it makes the cake less bready.
Anonymous said…
Would these cakes be just as good using lobster meat or canned tuna or canned salmon (well drained of course)? Thank you for your comments.
Anonymous said…
Tried these tonight and couldn't get them to stick together. Not a lot of flavor either. Was disappointed.
Anonymous said…
How many crab cakes does this recipe make ?
Anonymous said…
Did you use butter to saute them in or just a dry pan? They look so delicious, can't wait to make them!
Celeste said…
Thanks to everyone for your comments!

In response to your questions:

1. You can use either extra virgin olive oil or butter to saute the crab cakes. I've updated the recipe to reflect this. :)

2. This recipe should feed about 4 people.

3. The crab cake mixture should be refrigerated for several hours before forming into cakes. This should help them stick together.

4. I've never tried this recipe with lobster meat, canned tuna or salmon. I don't see why it wouldn't be delicious using different kinds of meat, though. I'd love to hear how they turn out, if you experiment!
JLH said…
I bought frozen crab meat and the taste was not so pleasant. I'm sure it was NOT the recipe but what kind of crab do you use? Canned or what brand specifically? I'm going to try again... ;-)
Unknown said…
JLH ... Make sure you squeeze out any liquid from frozen crab. It needs to be dry. The egg and mayo will bind everything to form the cake.
Anonymous said…
Here in the south ,they are called crab patties ,and are made totaly diffrent we only use seaaoning crab an egg..its all meat no bread n mash potatoes as some make it.
And has a totally different taste.
Thanks foe sharing ur recipe :))
Anonymous said…
I have been making these for years. Found the recipe on the side of the Old Bay seasoning can. My daughters and husband think they are better than any restaurant recipe.
Anonymous said…
I used canned lump meat. I drained it and it was great.
Anonymous said…
Hi, do you toast the white bread? If not, will store-bought bread crubms work? These look amazing. Can't wait to try.
Michele C. said…
To Carletta:
The sauce is a tomoato beurre blanc sauce. Not as think as a remoulade sauce.
Anonymous said…
I have tried a similar recipe using canned salmon ( without bone). It is delish!!! I used 1/4 c mayo, one sleeve crackers, 2 eggs, squirt of lemon juice, 1 T parsley, some garlic salt, and a tad of worcestershire.
Unknown said…
They sound good too I have to try
Unknown said…
Your crabcakes recipe is very close to my Mom's crabcakes. She made the best crabcakes in the world. I never order crabcakes in restaurants because they are never as good as the ones Mom made. I have learned to make her crabcakes and since her passing, I am now the family crabcakes maker. I have 2 tips for you and your readers. First you can omit the Old Bay Seasoning and just use salt and pepper. This allows you to taste the sweet crabmeat better. Second, I put my crabcakes in the refrid after I have formed them. I go from refrid to hot pan and thr crabcakes really hold together.
I have the actual recipe from the owner of Red Bar if you would like it. It is a little different than yours, but if yours yields a similar crab cake, go for it. I'd be happy to share it with you.
jackijwatkins said…
Just made these...Awesome!!! Although I did add parmesan cheese to them!!!
Erin said…
What exactly does the bread do? Is it toasted before it's crumbled? Thanks for the great recipe!
Also, where can I find Lump brand crab meat?
Anonymous said…
These look & sound awesome. I'll have to stick to parsley as I have that defective cilantro tastes like soap gene dang it! BTW thanks for that short but very pleasant vacation your description evoked.
Anonymous said…
Few of the comments have asked about toasting the bread or not. Please answer.
susan 30A EATS said…
So glad you enjoyed your visit to the Gulf Coast and 30A's Red Bar! Love those crab cakes too! Check out 30A EATS, my blog next time you are in the area!
Anonymous said…
I am from Maryland and I just tell is MUCH better when they are broiled mm and add some old bay seasoning��
Anonymous said…
This recipe was fantastic! My family commented that crab cakes in restaurants are generally too salty. These were perfect. Thank you!
Linda Davis said…
Similar to my homemade recipe but leave out the bread filler! No carbs needed! Florida girls can do seafood!
Anonymous said…
Hi Robin, may I please get a copy of the Red Bar crab recipe also.
I can't wait to make them for my dad who loves crabcakes. Please email me
Thank you very much and God bless you.✝️

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