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Super Easy Refrigerator Pickles

Gracious, this summer has been busy!  How are these warm, summer days going for your family? We've had an ABUNDANCE of rain...there have even been a few days where I wondered if it would ever stop.  My veggie garden has mostly loved all the rain, but even a garden doesn't like too much.  Alas, powdery mildew and early blight usually make an appearance at some point in my backyard garden, but for right now, it's still going strong! This year, my cucumbers have done much better.  Last year they did okay but not great.  I built a trellis out of bamboo stakes this year, and they really seem to like their new spot.  I grow them mainly for one reason...pickles! My family LOVES them, and homemade pickles are SOOOOOO much better than store-bought.  Have you ever tried making your own?   It's easy-peasy!  Really! Slice your cucumbers, place them into a jar and pour a hot mixture of vinegar, water, garlic and salt over the top.  Place the lid on the jar and let them hang out in t