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#SavetheBiscuit ! A Buttermilk Biscuit Tutorial

How many recipes can you think of that only call for 3 ingredients, yet can evoke such special memories in the hearts and minds of so many southerners?  These days, we rely too often on fast food and frozen meals, that we sometimes forget how wonderfully comforting and easy things like biscuit-making can be.  Sure, you can buy frozen biscuits at the store, but there's just nothing quite like a hot, fluffy biscuit right out of the oven that you've made from scratch .  It's rewarding.  Plus, it's so much fun to teach the people you love how to make the perfect biscuit.  It's something that everyone should undoubtedly have in their arsenal, and a lot of people don't realize how dadgum easy it truly is. Last weekend, my two adorable nieces spent the night, and on Sunday morning we hopped into the kitchen for a lesson in biscuit-making.  They were so excited, and it turned out to be quite the fun little adventure!  By the end of it, we were all covered in

A Cornbread Potluck! - Buffalo Chicken Cornbread & Blue Cheese Salad

Cornbread is so under-rated, don't you think?  There are so many fun things you can do with it.  For example, this recipe incorporates buffalo chicken, cheddar cheese, blue cheese and freshly chopped cilantro right in the batter.  Um, yum!  And if that deliciousness isn't quite enough for you, a flavorful salad is served right on top of a generous wedge of the cornbread, making this an excellent addition to your weeknight repertoire.  Before eating this, I had never seen a salad served on TOP of cornbread, which I thought was pretty creative and made for a great pairing. Upon first bite, Brad was hooked.  He loved this cornbread, and I'm usually the only bread fanatic around here.  In fact, this dish is so fantastic, that it actually won first place in the Martha White-Lodge Cast Iron National Cornbread Cook-Off in 2009!  I mean, come on...You can't go wrong here. I was also hooked the first time I had this dish.  It was at the Martha White/White Lily Sout

My Feature in Wiregrass Living Magazine!

So, I've got some wonderful news to share with you all - My blog is featured in the January/February issue of Wiregrass Living magazine, with a 14 page spread (and cover photo)!  Wiregrass Living is published in my hometown of Dothan, AL, and I was thrilled to hear that they'd be featuring my recipes.   As soon as the magazine hit newsstands, we headed to the local Barnes & Noble, and you can imagine my surprise when I first saw the issue, and a recipe from my spread made the cover!  I was even more happy with the recipe they chose for the cover - Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup.  Why?  Well, this is a much-loved family recipe that I originally blogged about HERE . The article features recipes that make it easy to incorporate fresh fruits and healthy vegetables into your meals, during these chilly winter months when it's easy to rely on our favorite, maybe not-so-healthy, comfort foods. I thought I'd share some pages of the spread with you, along with two recip