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Bake a Difference for Pediatric Cancer: Mega Chocolate Reese's Cookies

Anytime that blogging can be used for a good cause, I'm all in.  September happens to be Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and the folks at OXO are gearing up for their annual program benefiting Cookies for Kids' Cancer . Cookies for Kids' Cancer is a wonderful program which makes it possible to easily get involved in fundraising to find a cure for pediatric cancer.  It's a program that I've thought about getting involved with for quite some time now, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate with my blog. You see, OXO will donate $100.00 to the organization for each blog post dedicated to this campaign in September!  Also, be on the lookout for OXO products with the following sticker attached:  OXO sent a variety of cookie tools to help with all the cookie baking! For every stickered item sold, OXO will donate $0.25 in support of pediatric cancer research, as part of its $100,000.00 pledge! For my cookie post, I chose a recipe

Caramel Apple Blondie Pie

When was the last time you saw a food photo and practically had to pick your tongue off the floor and recover from the deliciousness before you?  When I received the latest issue of Southern Living recently, a similar event unfolded.  There I was, drooling over a pie with caramelized apple wedges, ooey gooey caramel sauce, and buttery, flaky layers.  It had all the makings of autumn in a pie dish. I admit - Maybe its because I'm craving all the pumpkiny, apple-filled goodness that is the fall season.  I've had just about enough of the humid, sweltering days of a southern summer.  I'm going to welcome fall with open arms and not look back (or maybe look back a few times as I miss the juicy tomatoes and bursting-with-goodness berries that fill the summer farmers' market stalls!) This pie was everything I dreamed it would be - Toasted pecans are sprinkled throughout the blondie batter, and the caramelized apple wedges have just the ri

White Lily Giveaway Winner!!!

First of all, thanks to everyone who entered my latest giveaway from White Lily, in celebration of National Biscuit Month.  The winner of this awesome prize is: Comment #28: From: Anonymous said... 28 My favorite type of biscuit is any kind with apple butter on it! :)  -Maranne CONGRATULATIONS!  :)

White Chocolate Raspberry Biscuit Bread Pudding + A GIVEAWAY!

Did you know that it's National Biscuit Month?  Pretty awesome, huh?  What do you say we celebrate by making a mouth-watering, ridiculously delicious white chocolate bread pudding.  BUT - This isn't just any old bread pudding.  It's made with made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuits, which give it an incredible texture and presentation.   In fact, my father-in-law is a self-proclaimed bread pudding expert, and he deemed this bread pudding one of the best he's EVER had...That's serious stuff, folks!  :) Trust me, there will be audible OOHs and AHHS when you pull this baby out of the oven.  The biscuits are cut in half and arranged prettily in a pie plate, only to be topped off by fresh raspberries and then smothered with a creamy white chocolate mixture that you'll want to take a bath in.   Um, yes, please! After you finish licking your plate from the goodness that was the biscuit bread pudding (it won't last long!), take a minute to enter my latest g

Pretty Squash Ribbon Salad

Zucchini and yellow squash are veggies that I cook often, but I'm definitely guilty of slicing them into boring little pieces and cooking them the same old way time after time.  Never had I sliced them into pretty, thin ribbons as this recipes calls for.  It takes a wee bit of extra effort, but the resulting dish is fun and delicious. A good vegetable peeler is key here.  Also, the thinner the zucchini/squash, the easier they are to slice. For this healthy side, the squash ribbons are tossed with either baby spinach or fresh arugula, parsley, a squirt of vibrant lemon juice, and olive oil.  It's the perfect flavor-filled side dish to make while summer is winding down.  Plus, there's no cooking or heat involved! Bon Appetit, my friends! Squash Ribbon Salad Adapted from:  Southern Living magazine, August 2013 Ingredients: 1 pound zucchini 1 pound yellow