Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 5: Au Revoir Paris...Hallo Germany!

Well, our Parisian adventure came to an end on Day 5, however, our 2 week journey had really only begun! Our next stop: Germany!

After getting all of our stuff packed up, we started Day 5 on Rue Mouffetard again. We were on a hunt for a scrumptious breakfast. I went with a "pain aux raisins" at an adorable little boulangerie, and I also got a "pain aux chocolate" for a snack later. Brad got an amazing Nutella & Banana Crepe from our favorite little creperie.

Look at all those scrumptious pastries!
My breakfast - Pain Aux Raisins (half
Once our bellies were full from breakfast, we headed back to our hotel and Marie called a taxi for us. Marie runs the hotel...she is WONDERFUL! If you are planning to go to Paris anytime soon and are looking for a place to stay, I would HIGHLY recommend our hotel. We LOVED this place. It's affordable, in a perfect location, and was really nice. Here's a link: Hotel des Grandes Ecoles. Check it out!
In the courtyard of our hotel...
Au Revoir, Paris...

Our taxi driver was nice too. He was originally from Lebanon, but he spoke really good English. He's traveled all over the USA - California, New York, Las Vegas and New Jersey. I've never even been to those places...haha!

One last photo from the taxi...
Once we got to the train station, we were able to figure it out pretty easily. We made it onto the correct train without any problems at all. I was really excited about my first train ride - it was fun! The view from our window of the French countryside was incredible. The further away from the city you get, the prettier it is. It was a GORGEOUS day...the sun was shining beautifully. With my iPod playing my favorite tunes, the train ride went by in a flash. It was the perfect opportunity to catch up on my travel journal entries.

Train Station!

Germany, here we come!
Upon arriving in Germany, Brad's Aunt Donna and Uncle Kit were waiting for us at the station. They are wonderful! We had so much fun staying with them while we were in town. They taught us so much and really helped us communicate - I didn't know nearly as much of the German language as I did French or Italian!

The French best attempt at trying to get a decent photo from a moving train...

After leaving the train station, we went straight to House of 1,000 Clocks. There, we bought an awesome cuckoo clock (which I LOVE!) and a beautiful German beer stein. Those are definitely some of our favorite souvenirs from the trip.

Kit and Donna took us out that night for a wonderful and authentic German meal at a restaurant called "Kneller." It was SO much fun!

Dinner at Kneller!
We ordered:
Dinner - Jagerschnitzel mint pommes frites und salat (Jagerschnitzel with fries and salad)
Drink - Kristal Weitzen (German beer)

Dinner - Rahmschnitzel mint pommes frites und salat
Drink - Kristal Weitzen

"Rahmschnitzel" was delicious!
And on top of that, the waitress brought us all a round of Schnapp's "on the house" when she found out it was our first night in Germany. Evidentally, the Germans like to "settle their stomachs" with a shot of liquor after for me! LOL. ;)

After dinner, we headed home to get some rest before our first full day in Germany...we had a full day of castle-exploring ahead of us!

Guten Tag! :)


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Guten Tag!
I am traveling right along with y'all!

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Yay! Sandi - I'm so glad you've come along for the trip...there's quite a bit left to go! ;)