Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foodies - Here are "50 Ways to Eat Green"!

***I recently came across the article below in the latest issue of Bon Appetit of my favorites. I've found myself trying to be as "green" as possible lately. I'm "that girl" at the grocery store...the one that pushes a buggy full of filled, reusable grocery bags out of the store. I'm so proud of that, though. It never fails, every single time that I check out, someone comments about how neat and great it is. In fact, it happened just today as I was leaving the store. On a recent grocery trip, one lady even told me that I had inspired her to start using reusable grocery bags. I sure hope so. I think that's awesome. You may remember THIS post a while back about reusable bags. Do you use them yet???

What are you currently doing to help our planet?
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From Bon Appetit magazine:
"50 Ways to Eat Green"
The Bon Appétit Guide to Cooking Up a Greener World
By Hugh Garvey
Photography by Craig Cutler and Kana Okada
January 2009
If only eating green were as simple as going to a farmers' market, buying organic, and reusing that shopping tote at the grocery store. That's a darn good start, but there are so many other ways to shop, cook, dine out, and even clean that can have a more meaningful impact on our environment. The 50 tips and recipes here will help cut down on landfill, pesticide use, overfishing, and the consumption of fossil fuels. They will also slow down the depletion of the ozone layer, encourage the humane treatment of livestock, improve the welfare of workers, reduce toxic chemicals in your home, and likely make you healthier along the way. Plus, you'll be making and eating some amazing food. (Like an environmentally friendly Bison Burger). Read on to learn how to cook up a greener, more delicious future.

42. Bag It

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