Monday, February 6, 2012

Worst Cooks in America Returns!

So, how many of you have watched previous seasons of Worst Cooks in America, or have at least heard of the Food Network show?  It's quite hilarious and I'm excited about the new season that premieres on Sunday, February 12th at 9pm ET/PT.

Will you be watching?

This season, Chef Anne Burell and Bobby Flay will *attempt* to transform contestants who are extremely kitchen-challenged, into confident kitchen pros who will have to present a restaurant quality meal to a panel of expert food critics.

I don't know about you guys, but the thought of presenting food to experts like that even makes me nervous!  

The prize?
A whopping $25,000 goes to the contestant who makes the most progress and has the best performance. 

I enjoy this show, because it's neat to see people who have no idea what they're doing in the kitchen...and I mean NO idea...learn how to slice, dice, simmer, saute and bake things correctly.  Along the way, there are sure to be blunders, spills, and mishaps that keep you laughing throughout the show.  It's very entertaining!

The teams this season are:

Team Anne Burrell:
Anthony Schiano (Massapequa, N.Y.)

Dorothy Strouhal (Cove, Texas)

Kelli Powers (Valley Village, Calif.)

Melissa Rhodes (Naples, Fla.)

Rachel Margolin (New York)

Richard Chen (New York)

Robert Tamke (Massapequa Park, N.Y.)

Sean Bennett (New York)

Team Bobby Flay:
David Shelton (Pittsburg, TX)
Benjamin Dennis (Frisco, TX)
Vinnie Caligiuri (Jenkintown, PA)
Erica Weidner (Long Beach, NY)
Libby Floyd (Minneapolis)
Sarina Weeraprajuk (West Covina, CA)
Sherrill Moss-Solomon (New York)
Tiffany Michelle (Los Angeles)

It will be interesting to see what Chef Bobby Flay brings to the show this year.  Anne Burrell is the returning champion, but Bobby Flay is such a talented chef.  We'll see who comes out on top. 

By the looks of their comments below, they are both very determined to win!

“After two undefeated seasons of Worst Cooks in America, I’m ready for a third,” said Burrell. “Going against Bobby Flay takes the challenge to another level, but I’m ready to whip these contestants into shape and the winner is sure to be from Team Burrell."

“Anne may have had some early victories in past seasons, but this show is ready for a change and I’m going to bring it,” said Flay. “I’ll work my team until they can chop, filet and grill with the best of them.” 


Erin said...

I LOVE this show! I'm so excited it's coming back on!

David said...

Thanks for the shoutout Celeste... Great article. :) --David Shelton

Celeste said...

Hi David! Thanks so much for commenting! How exciting! I look forward to watching you in action on the show!! ;-)

Michelle said...

Haha- I never got into this last year, but I'm willing to give it another shot! And cool- looks like you know a contestant!?