Friday, February 3, 2012

Now Get More Sugar & Spice on Twitter + Facebook!

Hi friends!!  Well, I finally made the jump and signed up for a Twitter account yesterday. 

<-------- Please follow along by clicking the Twitter icon over there on the left side of the blog.

<-------- Sugar & Spice also has a brand-spanking new Facebook fan page, so please give us a "like" when you get a chance!

By becoming a follower, you'll get even more delicious news and extra content that's not available here on the blog.

Thanks so much for reading Sugar & Spice by Celeste...I'm so glad that you're here!  :-)

Bon Appetit! 


Anonymous said...


It was so much fun meeting you in Alabama last weekend! I'll be following for new recipes from now on. :)

Genet said...

Yay for Twitter! Looking forward to following your tweets too.

Cynfully Wonderful said...

Facebook - done.
Twitter - done.
Pinterest - done.

I really enjoy your blog and ideas!

Celeste said...

Sam and Genet - It was SO great meeting you both! I'll be following along on both of your blogs.

Cyndi - Thank you so much for being a fan! It means a lot! :)