Monday, November 21, 2011

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

This year, I wanted to compile a list of some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes for you all.  Some of these are family recipes that have graced our table year after year, while others are more recent dishes that I've made and thought, "That would be perfect for Thanksgiving!"

Right now, there's a 24-lb turkey thawing in the bottom of our fridge, and I can't wait to roast him up!  This is the BIGGEST turkey I've ever attempted to roast, so let's hope it turns out okay.  I may do a combination of the two recipes below.  The Bacon-Herb Butter from Picture #1 that's placed underneath the turkey's skin is amazing, so I may do that but still top Mr. Turkey with the bacon and maple glaze from the second recipe.  Hmm...I'm still trying to decide.  I made the Roast Turkey with Bacon-Herb Butter in 2009, and the Maple Glazed Roast Turkey with Applewood Smoked Bacon last year.

I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, filled with delicious food and great times spent together.

Just click on the links below to see the full recipes.
Bon Appetit, my friends!  :)

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rosaura said...

Your lists are amazing! I hope i can try one of those sometimes. In addition has lots of recipes that you would like to try. Have fun!!