Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

Boy oh boy, do we love Halloween time around our house!  We look forward to our annual Halloween bash every year, and this year was no exception!  I knew it would be hard topping the "Blood Fondue Bar" from last year, but I think I may have pulled it off this year with yummy tricks and treats!  

The menu consisted of:
Forked Eyeballs
Mummy Dogs
Slime-Covered Apples
Pumpkin Apple Spice Cake
Blood-Splattered Popcorn
Secondhand Swabs
Witches Wands
Nutty Ghosts
Kidney Stew
Bat Brew (aka coffee)

Sounds yummy, right?!?

I was so happy that so many of our family members got to come.  My sisters, and my aunt, uncle and cousin even came from out of town.  I couldn't have pulled the party off without their help! We were excited to dress up and have some fun with everybody!  After all, you're never too grown-up to put on a costume and party, right??

Here are some fun shots from the night...I'll start with the food:

Slime-Covered Apples (aka Caramel Apples!)

I used Caramel Bits...they worked great!!  The caramel didn't turn hard on the apples, so they were still easy to eat. 

"Forked Eyeballs"
These were doughnut holes speared with a fork and dipped in white chocolate, and decorated with one semi-sweet chocolate chip and red icing.
"Mummy Dogs"
Aren't these little guys adorable???  Simply cut a beef frank in half, cut crescent rolls into thin strips, and then wrap them around the beef franks.  Finish them off with two dots of mustard for eyes.

"Nutty Ghosts"
These are simple...just dip Nutter Butters in white chocolate and add two mini chocolate chips for eyes!

"Witches Wands"
These were my favorite!  Just dip pretzel rods into white chocolate and decorate with your favorite Halloween themed sprinkles.

"Secondhand Swabs"
Gross!!!  Brad came up with the name for these.  They are mini marshmallows dipped into caramel...using a toothpick.

"Blood-Splattered Popcorn"
To make this, just melt some butter and stir in enough red food coloring to turn it a deep red color.  Drizzle over popcorn and give the bowl a good stir.  Enjoy!

Pumpkin Apple Spice Cake

"Kidney Stew"
(aka Carol's Famous Chili)

Yes, I was Snow White...lol.

Me and the hubby...
Who you gonna call???

Final preparations before the guests start arriving...

Brad surprised me with a fog machine one afternoon before the party...I loved it.  It made our entrance extra spooky!


A pair of farmers and flowers...How adorable are they?!?

A kitty cat!

We had a costume contest, and "The Baby" was the official winner!  I must have the greatest mom-in-law ever!  ;-)

My sweet angel of a niece.

A pirate and a goddess!  (aka my Aunt Julie and Suzanne)

Me and my sisters

Group shot!

Spooky Centerpiece



Jenni said...

AWESOME JOB! Your party looks so great and so fun!!

Julia Lucas Parvin said...

O my goodness! You are awesome at wedding pictures and photography but i had no idea you cooked too!!! looks so fun!!! :) glad you found me!! Thanks so much for everything you did for me and ricky by the way. I love the pictures! only problem is picking just 100!! ah!

stella said...

Hello, I am a Julia Child fan to! I'm writing from Italy, and you where do you leave?

Celeste said...

Ciao Stella!! Thank you for your comment! I live in Alabama in the USA. I visited Italy in 2009 and I loved it! I want to go back someday! :)

Leigh Ann Noble said...

I LOVE the Halloween food labels! Where did you find them?

Leigh Ann