Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Halloween Party to Remember!

Our kitchen...All decorated for the big party!

The Blood Fondue Bar was a HUGE hit!

Around our house, Halloween = A lot of fun!

Halloween is great, because kids AND adults can dress up, be silly and eat lots of candy all in one night.  What's not to love about that?  Growing up, I usually had a Halloween-themed birthday party, since my birthday is in October.  My parents would go all out - There would be streamers, ghosts hanging from the ceiling fan, and scary music.  So, for our 3rd Annual Halloween Party this year, I went all out too!  Our house was transformed into a haunted palace, thanks to spider webs, orange & black streamers, balloons, flying ghosts, and creepy music playing in the background.

Brad and I spent a lot of time decorating for the party, and I was so excited with the way everything looked.  Brad even designed and printed the cute little signs that you see with all the recipe names on them.  We were determined that our Halloween party would be awesome.  :)

Lately, I have been absolutely addicted to HGTV, and they aired an awesome Halloween special - Halloween Block Party 2010.  They took 3 homes and completely turned them into haunted houses.  It was so neat to see all the things they did and the tricks they used.  In one of those houses, they set up an incredible Blood Fondue Bar.  It included lots of little goodies to dip in the fondue, like:
"Ancient Eyeballs" (Grapes)
"Brittle Bones" (Pretzel Rods)
"Little Hearts" (Strawberries)
"Sponge Brains" (Sponge Cake)

I had a ton of fun coming up with the menu for this year's party.  I've included a list below, along with the links (and more photos!) to my blog posts with the recipes:

"Blood Splattered Popcorn"
"Breadstick Bones"
"Spooky Serum No. 49" (Spiced Apple Cider)
"Bat Brew" (Coffee)
Pumpkin Spice Cake
Blood Fondue Bar

Here are some more photos from the party...Enjoy!  :)

My Hippie Husband  ;-)

It's Batwoman & My Little Pony!

Ahoy, Matey!

Oh NO...The Big Bad Wolf is after the children!

That's me as a hippie...Hah...Making the Fondue!

There were witches!

Little Miss Amber Rose is officially the cutest pumpkin there ever was!

The Big Bad Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood

A Ninja!

Haunted Entrance...

This cute sign was made by a local artist...I found it at an arts & crafts festival...

The bookcase became a haunted nook...

There were flying ghosts in the living room  ;)


a Broad said...

What fun ! and so much work ! you did an amazing job .. that baby girl is adorable !

RaShelle said...

Wow! You went to a lot of effort and your party turned out beautifully. Congrats! =D