Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Julia Child is on TV...again!!!

I've got some exciting news for all of the Julia Child fans in the USA...I was recently contacted by our local PBS station to let me know that the show "Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home" will be aired on Saturday afternoons. It's on at 1:00PM CST here in Birmingham, AL. Click HERE for more info...and be sure to check your local listings to see when it will air in your city!!!

Here's an excerpt from the website:
"Two of the world's best known and most loved culinary stars, Julia Child and Jacques P├ępin, join each other in Julia's home kitchen for this popular Emmy Award-winning public television series.

America's favorite cooking duo takes you to the heart of good home cooking and shows you that while there are traditional ways of preparing a dish, nothing is written in stone.

These two legendary cooks play off one another like The Odd Couple, joking, even bickering good-naturedly, over kitchen technique, demonstrating that cooking is deeply personal and that there's often more than one way to get great results.

Their deep friendship and the high professional regard in which Julia and Jacques hold each other make the show a pleasure to watch."
Source: http://www.alacartetv.com/html/jnj/jnj.htm

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Christina said...

That's so exciting! Definitely checking my local tv guide.