Friday, April 23, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution...and a Celebrity Encounter!

On a recent business trip o Huntington, WV, I was having a wonderful lunch with some clients at a favorite local restaurant near Marshall University's campus.  It was a beautiful day, and the food that we were enjoying was scrumptious!  Of course, my food blog and passion for all things related came up during our conversation, so they started telling me about something that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was doing in town...And about his store that was located less than a block away.  I was intrigued, and they suggested that we walk down to the store after lunch.  I was pumped!

The next thing I know, we're walking down the street and I stop cold in my tracks.  "Are my eyes playing tricks on me?" I was wondering...I thought that I saw Ryan Seacrest....Surely, that couldn't be him, in the middle of Huntington, WV of all places!  But sure enough, there was a flurry of news anchors and camera men near him, and as we walked closer I realized that it really was him.  He was super nice!  He stood and talked with us for several minutes, telling us about the program and how excited he was about it.  He happens to be the Executive Producer of the TV show, and he had just flown into town to see how things were going.  He was happy to snap a few photos with us. 

Here we are!

Jamie Oliver was on-site too!  Although I didn't get the chance to meet him, we did snap a pic of him through the window...He was being interviewed at the time...

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver in action...

As it turns out, Huntington, WV had recently been named the fattest city in America.  Jamie Oliver was in town trying to make a difference.  He was taking the city by storm and trying to teach folks about the joys of healthy cooking and how important it was to the city's children and adults alike.  He started by working in one of the local elementary schools to teach the lunch ladies how to cook for the entire school from scratch.  Unsurprisingly, he was horrified at all of the frozen, processed food that the school was feeding the children every single day.  I mean, pizza for breakfast....SERIOUSLY?!?   While watching the show, I was equally horrified.  Looking back, we ate the same sort of stuff in the schools that I went to...No one can forget those rectangular squares of pizza! 

Anyways, hopefully you've had a chance to catch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC network.  He truly is making a huge difference and I admire what he is doing.  The season finale aired tonight...It's actually recording right as we speak onto my trusty DVR.  I'm not sure what I'd do without that thing!  The show has been a joy to watch all season.  And now, Chef Oliver needs our help!  Please take just a few seconds to sign Jamie's petition at THIS LINK.  It seriously only takes a few seconds to help make a difference. 

You can read up on exactly what Jamie has been up to and what YOU can do to get involved at: 



"If you care about the health of your children and the food they eat, please sign this petition now."   With Jamie's help, we CAN help make our nation a healthier place to live!


Leah said...

How cool that you were able to see Jamie in action. Love his show. He has re-inspired me to make some difference at a local level.
Love your blog!

Janice said...

From what I've heard Jamie has met with a lot of resistance to his campaign. He has done the same in the UK and managed to the UK government on board with the healthy eating message. It must have been really exciting to be there when they were filming, thanks for sharing.

Tameri T. said...

I'm a big fan of Jamie and his work and write about him often.

Bossy Chef said...

I have recently made a ton of changes to our familie food starting at the New Year, however it was Jaime' show that really sparked my motivation.

I love that you make note of the rectangular pizza as that was the thing that always bothered me as a kid. Not that the pizza tasted like cardboard (nothing like pizza) or was covered in a layer of oil or that it was cold... but that it was a

WizzyTheStick said...

I think what Jamie is trying to do is great.

Ann Jones said...

My son goes to school at one of the elementary schools he made changes to. It has been a limited success. A lot of the food changes the kids aren't fans of, so they are eating less, but not necessarily anything more than the salad bar or fruit bar. Plus with living in one of the poorest part of the US it just costs too much for most people to buy fresh all the time (I say this as a food blogger who does buy fresh), especially when it is only $1 for a burger at McDonalds. I hope you loved Huntington, it's a great city :)