Saturday, November 1, 2008


I must say that Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays...I love decorating with all the fun, spooky stuff! We had planned on having a fun Halloween party this year...we had a great time. I broke out the decorations and went all out.

The chocolate cake that you see is the Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" Cake that I recently posted. When I made it the first time, it was for a friend so I didn't get to try it. I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to try out all that chocolatey goodness, so I baked it again for the party. I had seen so many fun cakes and cupcakes in magazines and on the internet with the spider web design on the top, and I wanted to try my hand at it. The picture above shows my results. A cute little spider made with a jaw breaker and black icing was the finishing touch. A layer of vanila buttercream (colored orange with food coloring) made the perfect addition to the inside of the cake.

We made some yummy taco chilli for dinner...stay tuned for that post!

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking...


Anonymous said...

That cake looks FABULOUS and I LOVE the decor! The pics of the party look like so much fun!!

Sophie said...

What an adorable cake :)! Btw, that taco soup looks incredible, too!